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Producing • Mixing • Development

Whether it's producing your next full length, chart-topping record, or crafting the perfect songwriting demo, Jake Jones has got the tools and expertise to make your music stand head and shoulders above the rest. With over 13 years in the professional music industry, your life's work is in some of the best hands in the biz.

Produced & Mixed by Jake Jones

2 weeks at no. 1

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You have a vision in your head. We will bring that vision to life. Always looking forward, our sounds are modern and fresh.


With solid gear and years of experience, we only know how to inspire the absolute best performances from our artists and musicians. 


A good song with a bad mix is like a sports car with a bad paint job... it'll never sell. Our mixes rise above the noise and will take your songs and your career to the next level.


At the end of the day, best song wins. From Billboard #1 hits, to film and TV placements, we pour every ounce of inspiration and creativity into the songs we write.


Whether you're looking for a beautiful orchestral score, or just the right guitar part to set your song apart, we've got you covered. Our studio musicians are the best of the best, and we won't stop until we get it just right.


Your music is is there. Your songs are the best they can possibly be. Now what? Our years of experience, failures, and triumphs allow us to aid you on your journey from inception to release, insuring it to be as successful as possible.


Good editing is one of the absolute most important steps in crafting a hit song. No detail is too small, whether it's tuning a vocal or getting the drums to sit just right.


In today's market, it takes a little more than just a good song to get your music heard. We use only the most unique and cutting edge sounds to craft fresh and inspiring soundscapes to accompany your music.


We work with publishers and labels to deliver the highest quality cues and tracks for any and all sync licensing purposes.


We pride ourselves in working with the best of the best. Here is a small sample of the style and quality of work we do. Enjoy!

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Charting Songs




My Demons Galore - Carry Your Own Light: Engineer/Producer/Mix/Mastering

Teresa Peterson - Faithful: Engineer/Producer/Mix

Kings Peak - Castle Bravado: Producer/Mix

Kings Peak - Paradigm: Producer/Mix

Love Lay Silent - Love Lay Silent: Engineer/Producer/Mix

Relentless Flood - Escape The Fall: Producer/Mix

Facing Fire - Facing Fire: Producer/Mix

Holman - The House: Engineer/Guitars

As We Ascend - Farewell To Midnight: Songwriter/Producer/Engineer/Mix/Guitars/Bass

Above Rattlesnakes - Analogies EP: Mix/Additional Production

GFM - Identity Crisis: Engineer/Producer/Mix

Mike Lahey - Expectations EP: Engineer/Producer/Mix

Tyrus Morgan - When We Love: Engineer/Guitar

Aaron & Alisha - Only You: Engineer/Guitars

Nathan King - Heaven Tonight: Engineer/Producer/Mix/Guitars

Out Of Black - Out Of Black: Engineer/Producer/Mix

RHCC - Sounds Of Christmas: Mix Engineer

Kelly Seidel - Kelly Seidel EP: Engineer/Producer/Mix/Guitars

Tori Harris - Amazing Love - Engineer/Producer/Mix/Instrumentation

Tom Golly - Not Going Back EP: Engineer/Producer/Mix/Guitars

Driven 11 - Left Field: Engineer/Guitars

We As Human - We As Human: Songwriter/Guitars



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Day or night, rain or shine! Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Want to send us your music to consider? Send us an email with your information, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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